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Bryan McDowell, now 22 and the youngest member of the Claire Lynch Band, is an accomplished multi-instrumental musician and singer/songwriter. He enjoys performing and recording numerous genres of music and is a highly sought after instructor. His most recent accomplishments include an unprecedented triple win in Winfield, Kansas.

First Solo Release....

"Bryan pulls off these tunes with tone, timing, and taste on every instrument. It's a pleasure to listen to him." ---- Ron Block

"The Contestant" is a studio recorded compilation of tunes Bryan performed for several of his championship competitions.
It is available at Bryan's Store and many other online and retail

Bryan's Biography
 contains a summary list of his championship wins.
Visit his Championships page for more details and press.

"Bryan McDowell has the gift, and then some." ---- Allen Shadd



   News Updates.... 

     December 6, 2011  Bryan McDowell joins the Claire Lynch Band   


2009 Merlefest Mandolin Champion (April)
2009 Robin Kessinger Festival Guitar Champion (May)
2009 New England Flatpick Guitar Champion (July)
2009 Galax Fiddlers Convention Fiddle Champion (August)
2009 Walnut Valley National Flatpick Guitar Champion (September)
2009 Walnut Valley Mandolin Champion (September)
2009 Walnut Valley Fiddle Champion (September)
2009 Georgia State Fiddle Champion (October)
2009 Georgia State Mandolin Champion (October)
2009 Georgia State Flatpick Guitar Champion (October)
2009 Georgia State Fiddle King (October)
2010 Doc Watson (Merlefest) Guitar Champion (April)
2010 Wayne C. Henderson Guitar Champion (June)
2010 Rocky Grass Fiddle Champion (July)
2010 Rocky Grass Flatpick Guitar Champion (July)
2010 Rocky Grass Banjo Champion (July)
2010 Galax Fiddlers Convention Guitar Champion (August)
2010 Walnut Valley National Mandolin Champion (September)
2010 Georgia State Fiddle Champion (October)
2010 Georgia State Mandolin Champion (October)
2010 Georgia State Flatpick Guitar Champion (October)
2010 Georgia State Fiddle King (October)

And the Winner is....
        Bryan McDowell
In 2009 with encouragement from friends, Bryan took a break from performing to try his hand at competing. Over the next two years he would amass an unprecedented twenty-one first place championship wins on multiple instruments while garnering four triple crowns. You can read more on his Championships page.

Though Bryan enjoyed his stint on the contest circuit, his interest has always been in creating great music with other musicians. In 2011, he shifted his focus to include recording and teaching as well as working with various artists of regional and national renown. 

In addition to becoming the newest member of the Claire Lynch Band in 2012, he enjoys occasional appearances with his friends as a member of "The Winfield Three," a trio that can be seen featured on the cover of the 2010 March/April issue of Flatpick Guitar Magazine.


2010 Georgia State Fiddle King 
2010 Georgia State Flatpick Guitar Champion
and 2010 Georgia State Mandolin Champion
          (October 2010)

Bryan wrapped up another great year at the Official Georgia State Fiddler's Convention held in Hiawassee, Georgia. Bryan is pictured here thanking all those who have encouraged and supported him.

Congrats to 2010 National Mandolin Champion, Bryan McDowell (September 2010)           

The Walnut Valley Festival was pleased to announce last year that 2010 would mark a new competition for the festival. The Walnut Valley Mandolin Competition became the National Mandolin Competition in 2010. Though champions of the Walnut Valley competitions normally must wait five years to compete again, the new National Mandolin Competition was open to even the 1st place winners of recent years. And needless to say, most of them showed up for a great showdown. The competition was fierce but Bryan held his own and kept his 1st place title (plus "National") for another year. Congratulations, Bryan!


Bryan McDowell 2010 Guitar Champion at Galax (August 2010)

Bryan was honored to be at the top of the list and in good company with his good buddy Brandon Davis and renowned guitar builder, Wayne Henderson, at this years guitar competitions in Galax, VA.

Another "Triple" Sweep for Bryan McDowell (July 2010)
A new record was set at the 38th Annual Rocky Grass Festival and competitions held in Colorado. The morning of July 25th, 2010, festival goers witnessed the competition finals at the main stage. In the end, Bryan took home 1st place Guitar, 1st place Banjo, and 1st place Fiddle. This Colorado road trip was well worth the drive and the festivals hospitality was great. The ever-changing beauty of their sky and the scenic views were breath-taking.
Take in this view at the entrance of Estes Park near the Rocky Mountain National Park.

Bryan McDowell 2010 Wayne C. Henderson Guitar Champion(June 2010)

On Saturday, June 19, 2010, Bryan scored yet another win at the 2010 Wayne C. Henderson Guitar Competition. As you can tell from this photo, Bryan was thrilled to win a coveted Henderson guitar.

2010 Merlefest Guitar Championship- Bryan McDowell Wins (April 2010) 


After judging the mandolin competition on Thursday, Bryan went on to claim another win on Friday at the 2010 Merlefest Guitar Championship. As competition winners always perform Saturday on the Cabin Stage, Bryan McDowell - 2010 Flatpick Guitar champ, Nick Keen - 2010 mandolin champ, and Jonathan Dillon -2010 Banjo champ, dedicated their set in memory of their pickin' buddy, young Houston Caldwell who passed away the evening before.          Photo courtesy of Gary Alter Photography

Bryan McDowell's TRIPLE WIN at WINFIELD !!  (September 2009)

Bryan made Winfield, KS history last weekend at the 2009 38th Annual Walnut Valley Festival's National and International Competitions. He competed in fiddle, mandolin, and flatpick guitar and took 1st Place in all three! This was the first time anyone had ever won three Winfield competitions in the same year.

Bryan said the only thing that he would have wanted as much, was for his best buddies to win it with him. Ironically, Brandon Davis came in 2nd on flatpick guitar and Eric Hardin came in 3rd on flatpick guitar. These guys both play in the same band with Bryan, "Second Circle". Eric plays banjo with the band while Brandon does guitar and Bryan is on fiddle.

"The Winfield Three"
Bryan McDowell, Eric Hardin and Brandon Davis

National and Regional Champion Multi-Instrumentalists

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